Hot Lead: how to paint a better miniature is now available for purchase in our online store.

Gencon was a great success for us and we would like to thank the attendees who purchased our DVD!

I would also like to thank the fine folks at Reaper Miniatures (esp. Anne, Ron, Ed and Matt) and Fantization (Steve and Mike) for their support and assistance! They are both paragons of the miniature painting hobby and I urge you to check out their wares!

The convention was a blast. It was nice to see so many enthusiastic painters in the classes I and other painters taught, as well as in person at the booth. I made new friends and enjoyed the crowded craziness of the convention...



Hot Lead's going to GenCon!

Once more it's been a long time between updates. This time there's a very good reason: the Hot Lead DVDs!

After nearly 2 years of production I'll be premiering my painting videos at the convention. This 3-DVD set will be sold initially at GenCon Indy 2008, and then shortly thereafter available for sale online. For more information, check the Hot Lead DVD page.


Lo, he rises from the depths, like a vision! Seriously, it's been far too long between updates this time. In my defense I have posted some of these minis on CMON earlier, and I have been around - I taught classes at Reaper Artist's Con 2005 and Reapercon 2006. Both a complete blast! Nice people, great painters, and much fun...

On to the updates!

DESTROY!! - Diorama Gallery - my entry in the 2nd Wyrd Contest "Total Testosterone". Superhero mayhem at it's finest!

The Vampiress - Fantasy PC Gallery - this commission was a chance to paint the beautiful Mordenheim "vampire assassin" sculpt. Pink silk was never so deadly!

In The Crypt - Fantasy PC Gallery - source-lighting exercise and a sexy Bob Ridolfi vampiress... What more do you want?

The Winter Mage - Fantasy PC Gallery - second in my series of seasonal-inspired mage miniatures (remember the Autumn Mage?) A gorgeous Werner Klocke sculpt gave me inspiration for this chilly maiden.


This time around it's Fire Month at Hot Lead!! My major updates all revolve around painting fire.

Fire Tutorial - Advanced Painting Articles - long promised, but finally done! ;^) Painting it right has always been one of my pet peeves. I've done numerous online postings and a basic text tutorial on the mini-painter Yahoo! Group, but here's a full version, including a step-by-step tutorial. You'll get theory and practice in equal doses!

Vulcan - Fantasy PC Gallery - a little fun Rackham figure showcases more fire and source lighting.

Lava Dragon - Dragons/Large Figure Gallery - I've updated the horrendously over-exposed shots of this figure with new pics.

In addition, I've added two general informational pages to my Advanced Painting Articles:

Glossary - everyone's confused by mini-painter terminology. Here's some basic descriptions of many of the terms. (More to follow).

Tips & Tricks - inspired by another site I've started a list of useful tips.

Finally though it was earlier this year, for those who missed it I won Best of Show at Kublacon 2004 for my CMON Amazon. See footage of the event shot by CJ Cummings for electricocean.com



Well, it's time for my first update of the year. And it's Ladies' Month at Hot Lead! ;^) I've been painting lots of female mini the last few months...

Added Hussar to the Fantasy PC Gallery - this mini took 1st place in the 2003 Chick Challenge IV.

Added Red Dragon to the SciFi PC Gallery - another mini for 'The Masks' 1930's superhero game.

Added CMON Amazon to the Fantasy PC Gallery - another great mini sculpted by Steve Buddle. I didn't finish it for the CMON contest so I shelved it for a time while I worked on the CCIV mini.


Just in time for Halloween I have a spook-tacular diorama update:

Added Trick or Treat diorama - winner of the 2002 New Wave Games Halloween Contest


Been a few months, but still - 3 updates in 1 year ain't too bad!!

So what's new?!? Well, I won two Bronze Demons at Chicago Gamesday!! Yay! ;^)

  • My first winner was my new Khorne Demon Prince A lighting effect piece that's occupied my life for the last few months...
  • Second bronze went to the Dark Emissary that's already up in my galleries.
  • Finally I added the Sister of Battle Seraphim people may remember from Gamesday Baltimore last year. I entered her again in Chicago, but without an updated base (no time :^( she didn't make it past first cut. Oh well... At least I like her! ;^)

If you want more shots of my (and other) winning entries, check out the official page and the excellent page run by Orclord of the Stuff of Legends:

Games Workshop Site

Stuff of Legends coverage



What the?!? Two website updates in two months? Who are you, and what have you done with Laszlo!!! ;^)

In the midst of preparing for Gamesday I took a little break to update my site. I've added 3 shots of some superhero gaming minis. These are all gaming quality, but I thought I'd share:

Dr. Atomic added to the SciFi PC Gallery

Bonfire added to the SciFi PC Gallery

Foreverman added to the SciFi PC Gallery

I also added a shot of a long term WIP that been occupying a *lot* of my time for a while now:

WIP shots added to Bio Section

Finally a little proof of why people like their Nikon digital cameras so much ;^)

Nikon Example added to the Advanced Section.



Ahhhh, forget the lame excuses... We all know I barely ever update this page, so they'll just sound pathetic and weak! ;^)

Anyway, the biggest news is I've got my own domain now (hot-lead.org)! If you've linked to my page (thanks BTW!) you'll need to update your current links. I will maintain a forwarding page on the old web hoster for a while, but eventually I'll be ditching that ISP entirely....

Finally, just to show I haven't been idle all this time I've got some mini updates:

Added Legolas to the Fantasy PC gallery.

Added Dark Emissary to the Fantasy PC gallery.

Added Anime Girl to the SciFi PC gallery.

Added Mermaid to the Dragons/Large FIgures gallery.

Added Orcus to the Monsters gallery.


Phew... Another loooong break between updates! (Sorry, Tafka! ;^) Due to lack of time and various other lame excuses, I haven't updated this puppy in a while... Hopefully I'll do a better job of more frequent updates in the future, but for now, enjoy these new minis:

Added Abyst the Demon Lord to the Monster gallery.

Added the mighty Gauth to the Dragon/Large Figure gallery.

Added Mortis to the Sci Fi PC gallery.


3/11/00 Well, it's been a while since I added any updates! So here's some new material to get me back in the swing of things:

Added the ZIGGY STARDUST galleries, for my cyberpunk rock concert diorama which won 1st Place Diorama at GenCon 98.

Added Phoenix Eldar to the Sci Fi PC gallery

Added Sirthis, the Demon Princess to the Monster gallery

Updated the blending example photos in the Starting Painting Guide, as the old ones were not very good...

10/28/99 This month's updates include several new additions to the Galleries:

Finished the DRAGONS gallery, adding several new minis, as well as moving the Dragon Fly over to this category

Added the Djinni to the Monster gallery

Added Rollergirl to the Sci Fi PC gallery

Added the Autumn Mage to the Fantasy PC gallery

These last two are also my entries in the latest Reaper Online Painting Contest! Please check out the contest and vote for me, if you like my entries.



Well heck, just about everything's new!

Hi, I'm Laszlo Jakusovszky and this is my figure painting site. I've been working on this page for several months now. I hope to make it a handy guide for prospective painters as well as a gallery of some of my award-winning miniatures. Though there're still a few things I'm working on, this puppy's ready enough for public consumption!

Take a look around, kick the tires... Let me know if anything bizarre comes up on the pages, and keep checking back! I plan to keep updates coming as time permits (probably on a bi-monthly basis - I've got a seven month old to contend with ;^) To learn more about her and me, check out my Bio section.


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