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My Warhammer 40K Single mini entry for the 2002 Golden Demon at Gamesday Baltimore. I wanted to paint up a Sister of Battle, but I never really liked the dark, brooding 'nuns with guns' imagery of the SOBs and decided to give a more angelic look to her.

The base mini was the limited edition Ephrael Stern mini (thanks CJ! ;^) which I modified by swapping the weapons (neither of which thrilled me) for a Space Marine flamer and the SM Terminator Captain's sword. I sculpted flames on the sword as a nod to the Archangel Michael, the original butt-kicking angel.

Also in keeping with a more angelic look I sculpted on a robe to her existing rear tabbard and added an iron halo to her backback. But my piece de resistance was the angel wings. I wanted them to be suitable for GW gothic tech, but still swoopy and elegant. After considering and discarding Necromunda Spyre wings, I toyed with scratch-sculpting them. In the end I heavily modified an Eldar Phantom Titan wing (see shot), which was cast up to produce a matched pair.

Unfortunately this may have hurt me more than helped, as at least one GD judge thought I had used wings from a rival company! Fortunately in 2003 a friend set them straight during the judging, but I'll never know if they affected my 2002 chances...

The paint job was my first attempt at an airbrushed gold NMM effect. I think it came out well, though the dark reflection lines are a bit harsh in places - well, I was rushed to get it done! I painted all the way up until the Demons, even one day at the hotel in Baltimore.... I wish it had netted me more than just making the first cut, but oh well. Unfortunately 2003 proved no better, as she only made 1st cut at Gamesday Chicago. :^(

Since I planned to eventually put her on a more elaborate display base I used rare earth magnets to hold her to the 25mm base. They hold tenaciously (and serve as pins), but I used a dab of blu-tac for extra security. It's a good thing they worked too, as I wasn't too happy with how the black marble effect came out and will be repainting it! :^(

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All images and text Copyright 2003 Laszlo Jakusovszky