Red Dragon is the 3rd in a series of figures for the 1930's superhero game I play in. The previous two were experiments in doing a 'period' feel by using either black and white or colors toned with grey. This worked well for the previous two (Mortis and Foreverman), but for Red Dragon I knew the player really wanted red, and frankly I experimented a bit on the mini with grey toning and wasn't very happy with the results...

So, I went the only other direction I could - an homage to 30's pulp magazine covers. Doing research I realized that a lot of the reds they used were not highlighted in the traditional way (up to orange or pinkish), but instead red itself was the highlight color. The clothing was shaded by deepening the red tones using purple, black, or brown. For RD I went with purplish-black shading.

I think it worked out well, and in real life she really does have a'pulp' feel to her.



To differentiate them on the battle mat, all 'Masks' minis have a symbol on the base. Red Dragon's was sketched out from a few samples of chinese dragon heads I found online.

The mini is a new Reaper female monk mini, with no conversion. The player generally plays *ahem* well-endowed female PCs, so this model was right up his alley ;^)

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