I love the Eldar Exarch Lords! This Phoenix Lord is so dramatic, leaping off to go into battle... I really wanted to heighten the sense of the figure taking off, so I trimmed as much of his slottabase off as I could and glued the remains into a plastic part I had left over from a Robotech model. That wasn't really enough to provide a stable base, though, so I added a plastic button as the next "tier". Well, even that wasn't enough (did I mention he's *really* top heavy, especially with those big wings? ;^) Finally a heavy washer and some epoxy glue added enough mass...

My original idea was to paint him like a firebird - glowing yellow at the base, to darker orange at the wings, but I'd already done that with the Lava Dragon and I try not to repeat myself too much. Instead, I limited that effect to his segmented shoulder pads and stuck with a bright red and gold theme. Purple was a nice harminous tone to mix with the red, and green details stood out against the brighter colors.... (and yes, the gun was inspired by the Vorlon ships from Babylon 5 ;^)


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