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Don't attempt to adjust your monitor!! ;^) This miniature is painted in glorious black and white! A friend runs a 1930's superhero game called "The Masks", which takes place before WWII began and features heroes more in keeping with a "pulp" theme. We play a team of heroes called the "Hand of Justice". I decided it'd be cool to paint miniatures for the team using only black, white and grey, in homage to the period.

Mortis is the first of the minis I painted. It was much more challenging than I expected, particularly keeping the shades of grey from being too similar in tone.... Also, given that the character typically dresses all in black, I decided to make the body a lighter shade to stop it from being too monochromatic.

Each Hand of Justice mini will have a symbol on the hex base to make it stand out on the gaming table, otherwise the battlemat will become a mass of grey from a distance! ;^) Mortis works hard to inspire fear in the hearts of criminals, aided by his skull-like mask, so I thought the skull was appropriate.

T he figure itself is from the OOP Champions "Mystics" blister put out by Swords & Soldiers games in the mid-90's: only the staff was removed to allow the repositioning of the arm into the characteristic fist being cocked back ;^)

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