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Since I play Champions (the best superhero roleplaying game), I always paint up a figure or two for the characters I play. The curse of superhero figures, though, is the real lack of availability, when compared to other genres of minis.

I generally have to convert existing superhero minis I've been lucky enough to find over the years, or use something from a similar genre (cyberpunk, etc). This hero is actually my wife's character, Idol, the teen hero with the ability to transform himself himself into a golden, metallic "Oscar" statue, ranging from 6 inches to 12 feet tall - for his normal size form, I used the Doc Manhattan figure from the Grenadier DC Heroes "Watchmen" set  (all I had to do was file off the helium atom symbol from his forehead) and for his large form I adapted a plastic and vinyl "Young Blood" comic book pvc toy. The combo works out well in game play, but I'm still searching for a suitable 6mm miniature to use for his "oscar" statuette form ;^)


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