Foreverman is the second of a series of minis painted for my friend's 1930's 'Masks' superhero game. Stradling the era between pulp and superpowers, it is a mix of guts and superhuman abilities. Foreverman is the team leader of the "Hand of Justice". His abilities mirror those of immortals in Highlander, but he doesn't have that nasty problem of dying if he's decapitated. He can take it all, and get back up to fight again!



Like all Hand of Justice members, he's been painted in a 'black and white' color scheme. Though in his case I experimented with using tans and greys to tint normal colors, rather than go with an all-grey paint job - I saw this technique used on a beautiful bust of Humphrey Bogart. I like the look much better and will definitely use it for all the other HOJ members!

The mini is a Four Color Games' SuperFigs figure with a weapon swap to show FM's predeliction for using weapons in combat (no, he *doesn't* need to use a sword, like Highlander, he can use any weapon or explosive, and does! ;^)

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