Bishop is one of the cool new minis from Wyrd Games... Nathan Caroland has created a line of minis evoking some of his personal visions. To do this he hired talented sculptor Edgar Ramos, who brings both character and emotion to his pieces.

I was lucky enough to be asked to paint up Bishop for Wyrd as part of the initial online gallery. It took some time (sorry Nathan!) due to other commitments but here he is finally...

When I initially saw Bishop my first thought was "Goth Elric!!" The look on his face and long, stringy hair smacked of Elric of Melnibone to me. Lacking Stormbringer in the mini to make the connection, though, I just went with albino coloration. I discarded the ubiquitous "white skin, white hair" look everyone seems to do for albinos... True albinos are not white people! They have pale pinkish/yellowish skin and hair that is likely to be straw colored, though it can be pale unto white.

The rest was just gritty, urban feel for the mini, though I wanted to show "Elric" had blood on his hands (literally as well as figuratively). I also asked Nathan why there wasn't any weapon at the end of the chain and he said it was intentional to leave it just a chain. Well, even a chain can be deadly if you hit long and hard enough with it...

I was lucky enough to win 1st Place with Bishop in the Sci-Fi Single category at Kublacon 2006 .

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