This is my entry in the Visions in Color showcase - what's that, you ask? Well, I'm a member of "Mini Painter" at, an e-mail group devoted to talking about painting and collecting miniatures (check out our origin page - The Miniature Place, under "Mailing List"). ViC (for short) is our quarterly show - members of the group all paint up the same figure to showcase their style, techniques, and color choices. This great Reaper mini was chosen by the group for our first ViC - come check out the other entries at: Visions in Color

As far as my technique and choices for this mini: I did some minor modifications by adding a hand axe and sword in place of the original weapons, which I didn't like. I also added a RAFM skull-ring base for the added death/evil effect. Overall, I tried to make the mini look evil, using the red demonic skin, skulls, and black pearl weapons. I like the way it came out, though I probably should have gone a little darker on the wings.


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