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This figure took me 5 years to paint! Just kidding... I bought it back when I was still going to college: I cleaned it up, primered it, and swore I would paint immediately! Five years later I rescued it from the back of my "to paint someday" drawer ;^)

Fortunately, I learned how to blend before I tackled this Ral Partha mini - it just wouldn't have looked the same if I drybrushed it. Also, I began using acrylic retarder at the time, and it sure came in handy here. The only thing I regret is not adding some sort of decorative design to his pants... They just seem too plain now.

This figure reminded me of the old 1940's version of the "Thief of Baghdad", a film I remembered fondly from when I was a kid - so a lantern and sandy beach seemed appropriate. The lamp is a doll store miniature - a bit out of scale, but it works. (I added the nipple ring for fun ;^)

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