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There was a sculptor for Grenadier in the mid-80's (John Dennett) who really breathed life into his figures: they were full of character, but not too cartoony. They had tons of personality! He created many of the fondly-remembered "Monster Manual" box sets, as well as "The Demons" set, dragons, and a slew of other figures for Grenadier. You'll see quite a few of his creations on my monster gallery page, so I'll note them when they occur ;^)

I really love this beholder he did. It drips with menace, just waiting to snare another victim... I originally tried to capture the look of raw hamburger meat for the skin (mimicing another beholder I'd painted a few years earlier and sold to a collector), but that evolved into the purple-to-pink color scheme you see here, which makes it look even more unearthly.

Tip: I always add gloss coating to the eyes (in this case eye ;^), to give them a realistic sheen.


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