The main thing was removing the cast-on base he came with, which was fine for gaming use, but wouldn't work with the pentagram idea I had cooked up. I also modified the sword to remove the flames, as I didn't like them, and had something better in mind anyway... The staff was originally sculpted to look like a skull and spine from another demon like Abyst (his ex-boss perhaps? ;^), but somehow it didn't work for me - I decided to jazz it up with some new horns and glowing eyes...


Base removed and pins added to secure mini to baby food jar.

The Curse of Abyst struck here: I was trying to imagine how the lighting would look by shining a light from underneath it (before I decided to use the primer for the effect) and the baby food bottle got off balance and fell off the kitchen table, even though it was weighted with sand. Abyst crashed on the tile floor! Some rebending and sculpting of the horns later... :^(

Primed the mini black, then sprayed white primer from below for "underlit" shading effect. Sword flames have been filed off.

Reaper's mini Orloth Hoarbeard of Kjord (Reaper #2333) gave it's horns so Abyst might live!! Just wacked off the old horns and pinned the new ones on..

New horns looked much more boss, but the brow ridges were too deep for me, and I wanted to add eyes in the sockets, so the green stuff was used to make the changes. Result was again primed in black with a shot of white from underneath.

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