The idea of a glowing pentagram came to me early on, since I had this nifty resin summoning circle from Grendel lying around that would be perfect for this project. It featured a pentagram that looked like bands of metal riveted to the stone, and carved with mystic runes.

For the underlit demon look I wanted, I was going to paint the pentagram as if it was actually glowing, but I decided to go one step further and light it! I thought it'd be pretty easy to recast the base in clear resin (little did I know - see below :^( and underlight it with a flashlight.

Follow the steps to see how it came together:

The before and after of the original resin piece: making the silicone mold was a piece of cake, but when it came to casting the clear resin pentagram the Curse of Abyst struck again!! I could not get it to cast without air bubbles to save my life! I tried a home-made vacuum chamber, etc. and still got many tiny bubbles.

I was finally able to get a decent casting to use after 4 tries...

Round flashlight I found at the local hardware store. Uses a high intensity bulb & reflector combo that puts out a remarkable amount of light for such a tiny bulb. This shot shows it after I did a bit of shaving and cutting to get it to fit into the base...

Added a model railroad light house "flasher" circuit board, set to pulse slowly (not pictured).

The three base pieces. What more fitting base for a demon, than an ash tray?!? The ash tray was found at the same hardware store, but proved almost as difficult to do as the resin pentagram: it was made of melamine plastic, which is incredibly hard and brittle. I used a hole-cutting drill bit on it: the plastic was smoking by the end, but it finally cut through (note cracks around the edges).

The cigarette holders around the rim were filled with epoxy putty and sanded smooth.

Dry-run assembly. I drilled holes up through the melamine into the resin, so I could attach the pentagram with miniature screws and glue later on.

I wanted the extra security of the screws, becase once I attached the heavy Abyst mini to the pentagram, I didn't want it coming loose from the ash tray base!


To give the pengatram a glowing hot look, I sprayed it with some tranparent yellow Krylon Stained Glass spray paint, which would hopefully do the trick in combination with the flashlight.

Next up was some liquid latex masking fluid to protect the pentagram while I painted the rest of the circle.

As with Abyst, I primered the base black and then sprayed white from the top to look like the glow was spreading outwards...

After painting, it looked like this. I painted the stone like granite (see my granite technique page) but when I painted the yellow glow over the top of it, the speckled effect sort of disappeared... I should have probably painted it like plain grey stone.

Also, the masking fluid came off a bit badly, leaving ragged edges where the paint dried. In retrospect I should probably have removed it while the paint was still wet...

The (almost) finished base. I sprayed it with some flat black auto bumper paint, and added a stripe of Badger Model Flex Red paint. It still needed something, so I had my wife add the lettering later on.

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All images and text Copyright 2001 Laszlo Jakusovszky