Abyst was another mini I painted up for the VIC (Visions in Color) showcase hosted by Dominic Heutelbeck. This time around Reaper Miniatures had graciously donated the demon lord Abyst from their "Court of Abyst" box set. He's one huge demon!! Very menacing and impressive.

One of the aspects of the VIC I really enjoy is the creativity involved - people challenge themselves to come up with unique presentations, so I wanted to do something cool. I was thinking Abyst reminded me of Chernobog, from the "Night on Bald Mountain" segment of Disney's Fantasia so I decided to do him underlit and menacing.

However, my first experiment with replicating Chernobog's purplish-black color scheme yielded what can be politely called "Grape Ape" color (from the Hanna Barbara cartoon), so I stripped the mini and went with a more traditional red demon color scheme. (That wouldn't be the last of what I came to call the 'Curse of Abyst' problems that seemed to plague my project. Other members of the mini-painter list involved in the VIC reported similar strange problems arising during their painting...)

I eventually let myself get too crazy with it, ending up doing a summoning circle base, complete with glowing (and pulsing) light from the netherworld! ;^) Click the steps above to see how I brought this bad boy to life.

Note: I was fortunate enough to borrow a digital camera for the last stages of the project, but early on I was using a scanner to save time, which is why the before & after images look vastly different! ;^)

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