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The ultimate board game for my college gaming friends was Wiz War, a really fun game where rival wizards try to steal each others treasures, and/or kill each each other, to win the game. The boards and playing pieces in the original set (and the reissued Chessex version) were all cardboard, of course, but my good friend Jaime Matthew decided to create the ultimate Wiz War set:

He actually hand-finished wooden boards for the game, and painted or scratch-built playing pieces for everything in the game. He used Mithril Miniatures wizards to create nine different colors of wizards for players to use. However, I joked that I should paint my own wizard once and he said "Go for it!" Since he already had all the major colors covered, I decided to make mine different by painting a star field on the wizard and his treasures.

If you're ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, drop by Dundracon and you'll most likely see us playing massive nine-player Wiz War in open gaming!

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