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He should have paid....

This mini was a commission by a client who wanted a vampiress with a Victorian bordello sensibility. I picked this Mordenheim Assassin because she was an excellent sculpt that fit the bill. It always helps to have a motivating figure to paint, esp. when you're trying to match someone else's vision.

To create the Victorian ambiance I used a pre-cast stone base from Jeff Valent Studios. These are some nice pieces, with cast-in base textures like cobblestone, stone, wood planks, etc. After consulting with the client about the proper "feel" to the piece, I added an HO-scale street lamp for that stree-walker look. ;^) The lamp was painted dark green, ostensively in homage to Victorian lamps, but also to provide a color compliment to the primarily-pink dress on the vampiress. The head of her latest client/victim was sourced from an Eldar Guardian plastic sprue.

Needless to say the customer was very happy with the results!

Since the timing happened to be right, I was able to enter pics of her in the Chick Challenge V (hosted by Jason Moses, who sadly has since taken down the challenge galleries). She took 1st Place in the "Cheesecake" category.

It was an ironic piece to enter, though, as the same mini had been used in the previous year's Chick Challenge, where a Belgian painters club's "Challenge within a challenge" was accepted by the IMMPS (Illinois/Midwest Mini Painter Society), led by Sue Wachowski. They picked this same mini to all paint, including some paint jobs using a street light.

What can I say? It's a good look for her, and I never claimed to always be on time for things... ;^)

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