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When I was invited to teach at the Reaper Miniatures' Artist Convention in 2005, Anne Foerster, Reaper painting guru extraordinaire, asked me to paint up the new vampiress blister pack by Bob Ridolfi ( 02990 : Crypt of the Vampiress). This features a very sexy vampiress by Bob, and some excellent accessories for making a nice diorama or for use in RPG campaigns.

I wanted to paint the whole set, but unfortunately ran low on time, and opted to just do the vampiress and the candellabra, which gave me a real opportunity to do source lighting. I've done this before, but never to this extent. It was a fun challenge getting all the lighting and shadows in the right places, while still making the figure interesting when viewed "in the round." I did this by brightening the highlights a little more on her back than they should logically have been, otherwise her back would have been almost uniformly-dark.

I'm very happy with the results! Before I handed her off to Reaper I entered her in the Master's category of ReaperCon 2006, garnering a Bronze against Derek Schubert and Lillianna Troy (who by coincidence both had source lighting in their entries.) But the real prize was having Bob Ridolfi admire it, saying it looked like something by Frank Frazetta!

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