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Legolas was a quicky paint job for the GW Two Towers painting contest. I was in the middle of converting entries for the Golden Demons and hadn't painted anything in months, so I decided to get in on the contest. Didn't leave myself much time to prepare - I converted the figure in 1 week and painted it in another. Therefore, not my best effort... ;^) I think he's still a pretty cool mini because of the attitude, though. My wife did drive me crazy with her nigh-well anal eye for the colors on his clothes. Well, it makes sense she being a LOTR nut, and having an extremely authentic Sam Gamgee costume she's been developing for years. ;^)

He's based on a piece of old Heartbreaker resin scenery, with the original wood grain smoothed down and made to look like the worn stones of Helm's Deep. He's riding on a metal Uruk-Hai shield. Both Legolas and the shield were graciously donated to me by Dan Roberts, who won 2nd place overall in last year's Fellowship of the Ring contest.

Alas 'Leggy' did well locally, but only took 3rd place in the Regional contest at Brookhurst Hobbies in Burbank, CA. The basing was a source of controversy, but I took it with a grain of salt as the winning mini in the regional heat was on a resin-cast "water" base (it was the Gollum w/fish mini), with the slotta completely invisible within the resin. At least my slotta was visible ;^)

Think I'll put in more of an effort next year, but honestly the best part of this contest for me was talking with a lot of young painters and their parents after the local heat (GW Store @ the Oakridge Mall inSan Jose). They were really enthusiatic painters and I was pleasantly surprised at the number of parents out to support their kids in the hobby! Very cool!

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