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This mini started out as a VIC of sorts for the local painting club I'm in. Several members painted this up during the meeting or by the next one, but I didn't get it done until Nov 2001 - the same gaming store we meet at (Scenario Game and Hobby Shoppe in Fremont, CA) held a WH40K Rogue Trader Tournament and Rogue Demon painting contest. I took 1st place in Single Minis, despite some stiff competition from club members CJ Cummings, Dan Roberts, and Myke Morgan.

As for the figure I liked the the look of him, but repositioned the staff to give it more movement. I also wanted to do something different with the symbols on his robes and settled on the glowing yellow runes, which I mirrored on the bases.

The double base idea came about because I wasn't sure I could use a larger size base in the RD, unlike the actual Golden Demon painting contest, where the rules are strictly enforced! ;^) In the end the 40mm base was okay to enter, so I didn't put as much effort into the 25mm one.

I painted them up using my granite technique, with yellow layering for the glowing effect. I admit I rushed on the red 'power'stones (which were added to mimic the ones on his robe) and just used red metallic paint ;^)

The swappable bases were my first experiment with rare earth magnets. The figure was perfect for this due to the flat bottom. I just drilled it out and added two 1/8" magnets from Radio Shack, with corresponding ones in the sandstone bases. However, though I found the magnets had good 'pull' strength, thye didn't have much 'shear' strength so it was easy to shake the mini loose. :^( Blu-Tac came to my rescue....

Here's a shot of him on the smaller, less imposing base.

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