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When I saw this new Reaper figure, I thought "what a cool mage..." I had to pick it up, even though the cupboards were swelling with figures as is. I wanted a special look for him, so I hit on the idea of doing him as a "Fall Mage", complete with a leaf pattern on his back - since his cloak was pretty simple, it seemed like a good idea.

But when it came down to actually doing it, I had trouble deciding what to do to make the leaf-pattern look realistic. I wanted him to have the same sort of pattern as the Games Workshop "Wayfarer" Wood Elves, but those already had the leaves sculpted into their cloaks. So.... I had some Hudson & Allen Studios "Leaf Litter" lying around. It really looks like miniatures leaves (pretty cool stuff actually). I separated out some of the smaller leaves and glued them to his back!

I added an autumn "green to brown" blending job, and voila! The rest of the figure I finished in fall color scheme - I tried to make the colors less bright than I usually do, though the yellow robe and red hat are a bit bright - but they work with the theme...


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