This is the 2003 CMON painting contest mini, sculpted by Steve Buddle of Spyglass Miniatures. I picked up the mini but didn't have it far enough along by the end of the contest to enter it, so it got shelved for a while.

After I painted up my CCIV entry I tackled the amazon and finished her. She's a bit of a departure for me in that I toned down my usual bright colors and did some freehand. The freehand for the base was fun to do and came out well. Not so sure about the dragon on the shield, but by the time I did it I was a little burned on freehand...

This mini is a great one for anyone who likes blending: the large cloak areas lend themselves to some smooth work. The metals are all NMM, with the blade done in a Rackham/Cyril painting style, which is more stylized than a 'realistic' NMM steel.


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