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The whole impetus for this diorama was the Ral Partha Shadowrun blister "Riggers and Rockers" - when I first saw it, I thought, "Damn, that singer looks like David Bowie!" I remembered one of the mini companies had made some robotic spiders and the idea for the "Ziggy" diorama was born... I thought it'd be cool to show a cyperpunk band version of the Spiders from Mars doing battle on stage against *real* spiders from Mars. I picked up the RP blister, and then the idea festered in the back of my mind for a year or two (as many of my ideas do).

Then we decided to go to GenCon '98 - my wife for business (she's an artist) and me for fun! Ziggy seemed a natural to make a big splash at the painting contest there, so I got to work.

Of course, the Ziggy figure was easy, but some of the others proved hard to find: Grenadier, the manufacturer of the robotic spiders ("Arachnodroids" from their Future Warriors line) had gone belly up and these were OOP. Also hard to come by were some cyberpunk rock and roll minis from the same line. Fortunately I was able to locate them all eventually through the internet (thanks, Paul!) and the diorama was on it's way.

Check out the links below for more detailed shots of each section and miniature, or click on the "How not to build a diorama" link if you want to be amused (even seems funny to me, now...) Also, for people who aren't fans of David Bowie and are wondering what this Ziggy thing is all about:







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