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This was my winning entry in New Wave Games' 2002 Halloween Contest. (And I finally got my prize after only 6 months of back and forth with them! ;^)

One of the things that got me about the first contest (and some of the entries for the 2nd one), was people entering just random things with a very tenuous link to Halloween... (dragons, trolls, necrons?!?) I wanted to do a themed mini that really portrayed the holiday and I'm very happy with the results.

I started with a RAFM ghost and pumpkin that were originally on the same base. I separated them from base so I could reposition them and added a Reaper cat familiar to the tableau. Everything else is scratch-built from styrene and various other bits (jewelry stuff, HO-scale railroad fruit, confetti, pen cap top for the bowl, etc).

I wanted it to look eerily and strongly lit, as if the door had just been opened, so there's a cast shadow for the door frame, ghost and pumpkin, as well as spooky blue lighting around the 'outside' door frame to represent the ethereal ghost. All in all I had a blast painting this up!

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