As soon as I saw this RAFM angel, I knew I wanted to make a diorama with him guarding the Gates of Heaven.

I used the wooden base of the glass display dome (not shown) as the foundation for the diorama elements: the steps were from a pack of miscellaneous resin stairs I picked up a few years back, while the gates themselves were photo-etched brass scale-modelling accessories, with the posts scratch-built from square brass tubing and jewelry studs.

To give the impression of this ephemeral place, I painted the stairs and the angel's rock base as if they were forming out of the sky (this doesn't show up too well on the photo, but that really is blue sky and clouds on the flat part of the wood!)

My wife, Leah, created the neat whispy mists around the stairs, after she watched me dork around unsuccessfully for a while with the cotton ;^).


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All images and text Copyright 1999 Laszlo Jakusovszky