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So just who is this guy anyway? Well, follow along with the happy questions here and find out.

How did I get into painting minis?

Well, in high school (mid-1980's), I used to paint some old lumps o' lead with Testor's enamels and the cheap-ass plastic brushes that came with the paints. People thought I was I good painter! Hmmm... not sure if I should count that, though.

I really started painting in college. When I got interested in painting figures for my D&D characters, my good friend Jaime Matthew showed me the ropes: let me borrow his paints and brushes, introduced me to the basic techniques, etc. (Thanks Jaime!)

After that, I started getting into painting just for the fun of it. I won some first places at local conventions in California, especially after I moved to the Bay Area.

I was hooked! I spent countless hours teaching myself to blend and impressing my friends with my insanity... Taking part in the then-burgeoning miniature painting internet community of the early 90s. All of this culminated in numerous local and national wins, including Golden Demons and Best of Shows at Reapercon.

Throughout this time I shared what I learned by teaching miniature painting at many conventions, including Kublacon, GenCon and Reapercon.

After years of painting and instruction, I responded to the frustrations of painters who couldn't actually see how I did it live, by creating my successful line of Hot Lead miniature painting DVDs.

Do I paint for hire?

I do accept commissions, but my rates are commenserate with my 20 years of experience and award-winning quality of painting. Since I work full-time my commissions are completed to the best timing I can manage. If you are interested in commissions please e-mail me.

Favorite cheese?

Man, Trader Joe's sells this killer blue cheese/brie combination. Forget what it's called, but I can feel my arteries hardening just looking at it (it's so good, though!)

Least favorite cheese?

Definitely swiss. Stilton is runner up (I love blue cheeses, but that cheese is just plain mean!)



Budapest, Hungary (bet you couldn't guess from my good Irish name, huh?)


What car do I drive?

'03 Chrysler PT Cruiser GT (daily driver)
'65 Dodge Coronet 500 with 383 big-block (for fun times)

Mopar or No Car!

Identifying Quote?

"Pardon me if she screams a lot..." (refering to my future wife ;^)

What games do I play for fun?

Well, Champions (or HERO System) is the only roleplay game of choice for me! Other than that, mostly board games and non-collectible card games: Wiz War, Give Me the Brain, Plague & Pestilance, Titan: the Arena, Formula De etc. And no, I don't actually play any wargames! I just love the figures..


Love of my life?

You mean, besides painting miniatures ;^)? Why my lovely wife Leah of course and my daughter Kira.

Other hobbies?

Collecting stuff from The Tick comic book and tv show.

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Text and Photographs (c) 2002 Laszlo Jakusovszky