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What do *I* like?!? Thought you'd never ask...



Hawkwind Mission Control (Official Band Site)

Sonique's Hawkwind Page

My favorite band! Hawkwind's the coolest psychedelic band ever! Formed in England in the 60's, they forgot that the 60's ended decades ago and still put out an amazing array of bizarre music, mixing psychedelic trip, electronica and wailing guitars! Always a fun gig to see live: I wished I'd been there when they did their live concerts at Stonehenge, or the Chronicle of the Black Sword tour, complete with actors playing the parts of Elric, and other characters from the Elric of Melnibone series, on stage!


TMBG Official Site

They Might Be Giants has always been another of my favorites. When I first heard their wacky, off-beat music and song lyrics I thought the band was nuts. They grew on me in time, though, and now I can't imagine living without having all their albums! (TMBG is probably better known to everyone in gamer circles, than Hawkwind, of course... it was a blast seeing them live at GenCon 98!! I knew the con was going to be good when we checked in to our hotel room and the daily-event flyer featured a TMBG concert that night!)


Mopar or No Car! For those who don't know, I'm talking Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth muscle cars!

Mopar Alley

Mopar Alley is probably the best single source for Mopar info... Check out the Message Board for useful car repair/restoration info, or look through it's many Mopar-related links.

Magnum Force Racing

My father-in-law races a pair of '64 Plymouths: Ron Jenkins and his crew at Magnum Force did all the custom chassis work, as well providing tubular upper control arms for his cars, and custom fabbing a tubular k-frame!! Check out the shots they have of the cars in progress in the projects page.

ACT Racing Team

See the Plymouths in all their glory at the ACT Corporate site! Who says software companies can't kick ass in the quarter mile?!?



Brandon's Tribute to the Tick

New England Comics (Official Site)

Spooooooon! What can I say about the Tick? It's the wackiest superhero parody comic ever! Amazing quotes, bizarre plots, and a cast of some truly silly superheroes... You've probably seen the comis or the TV show on FOX or Comedy Central, but here's a few links anyway...'


Official Antarctic Press Web Site

Dragens Den (Gold Digger page)


Without a doubt, my favorite comic!! Gold Digger is a wacky, anime-style comic: the humor and art are top notch! It's hard to describe the plots and cast of characters briefly, but just imagine a combination of no-holds-bar D&D, martial arts combat, time travel, leprechaun mechs, and high explosives ;^) Check out the official fan site for more in-depth info on the adventures of Gina Diggers and her adopted sister Cheetah, the were-cheetah.



Kingdom Come Home Page, unofficial

The Alex Ross Art Gallery

What can I say about Alex Ross that hasn't been said? He's simply the best comics illustrator ever; look at these sites and marvel at how noble and realistic, yet at the same time unearthly and god-like, he can make superheroes appear. His Superman, and other DC characters, particularly impresses me: see the Kingdom Come link for possibly the best comic series ever (it's #1 in my book, followed by The Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns...)



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Barry's Temple of Godzilla

What's not to like about the big G? (And I'm not talking about that Hollywood bastardization bought to us by the makers of ID4 and Stargate!!! Remember their company's slogan: "Quality is somebody else's middle name!" >8^(

No, we're talking the Tokyo-stomping, atomic-fire breathing King of All Monsters! If you haven't seen some of the '90's Godzilla films from Japan, treat yourself and find some copies at the next con you go to! They are well worth it, featuring modern special effects blended with old-style monster smash 'em ups! (However, they aren't all great - I'd say Godzilla vs. Destroyer, Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla and Godzilla vs. Mothra lead the pack. About the only one to avoid like the plague is Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla - it's as dumb as it sounds!)

While you're at it - hunt down the modern Mothra films (currently on movie 3 in the series). They are excellent!


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The Gamera Home Page

Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (ADVision Site)

Hey, let's not forget our turtle friend! ("He is really neat! He's full of turtle meat... ") I think I may have liked Gamera more than Godzilla when I was a kid, and the new Gamera films from Japan are even better than the new Godzilla films in special effects and monster bonk! Gamera: Guardian of the Universe is available in an official release from ADVision - letterboxed and hi-fi!


Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

The best science fiction show on tv ever! Argue all you want Star Trek: NG fans, but superior storytelling and characterization always win out in my book. Check out the re-runs on TNT, or hope someone picks up the spin-off series (Crusade)

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