wash a thinned layer of paint or ink painted over an area of a mini to darken it. The wash settles in the recesses, creating natural shadows. Will usually darken the underlying color.

a very thin, transparent application of ink or paint. Similar to a wash, but intended to:

  • brighten the color being applied to (e.g. a yellow ink glaze over red paint)


  • smooth imperfect transitions from blending or layering.
kolinsky sable a natural hair from the Siberian mink family. Collected during the winter when the animal's coat is the thickest. Used to make exceptional brushes that hold lots of paint and form a fine tip.
red sable a natural hair from Siberian minks. May also be called 'sable'. Denotes less common hairs, which are not as high quality as 'kolinsky' sable brushes.
outlining (aka 'blacklining') using dark paint or ink to draw outlines around the edge of a part on a mini (i.e. armor joint). Used to make details stand out from the whole.
NMM non-metallic metallic. Using normal paints to mimic metallic paints on surfaces - appears much like a 2D acrylic painting of armor or weaponry would look. Coined on the mini-painter Yahoo! group.
SENMM sky-earth NMM. A painting technique to make metal surfaces look like airbrushed metals do - i.e. reflective of the surfaces surrounding them, such as the horizon and other objects.

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Text and Photographs (c) 2004 Laszlo Jakusovszky